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Posted on August 30th, 2022 by Cremation Center of Southern Utah under Casket, Cremation
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Until now, you’ve probably never heard of renting a casket, and the idea may sound a bit strange at first.  The purpose of a rental casket is to allow family and friends the opportunity to pay their final respects to the deceased prior to cremation.  Renting a casket is cost-effective and provides significant savings as opposed to purchasing a casket.

The rental casket consists of two parts – an outer shell and an interior fiberboard container.  The outer shell is made from solid oak and looks just like a wood casket.  This shell is the portion of the rental that is reused by other families.  The interior fiberboard container fits inside the outer shell and has a satin lining and pillow.  It appears just like the interior of any traditional casket.  Following the viewing and funeral service, the interior unit is removed from the outer shell and is cremated with the body.  A new interior unit is provided each time the casket is selected for rental.

As you begin to plan for cremation, it is important to remember that you are not just planning for yourself. You are making arrangements and decisions that will greatly affect your loved ones.  Prior to cremation, many families desire to pay their respects and bring family and friends together at a gathering or funeral service in honor of their loved one.  The most important concept to remember when planning a service is to make it personal and meaningful.  A well-planned service will help facilitate the grieving process.  Options abound with cremation, and a rental casket is just one of the many ideas you may wish to consider.

The Cremation Center of Southern Utah is designed exclusively for those choosing cremation.  To receive a free copy of our Personal Planning Guide to Cremation, please stop by our office just off  Riverside Dr. at 1316 S. 400 E., St. George, UT, or call us at (435) 986-9100.  Follow us on Facebook and Instagram @CremationCenterSU.

Submitted by W. Russell Atkin, Licensed Funeral Director/Owner

Cremation Center of Southern Utah

The Cremation Center of Southern Utah was founded in December, 2009. At the time, other mortuaries in the area were shying away from and even discouraging cremation. Our desire was to create a unique, warm, and caring environment where cremation was not only encouraged, but embraced.

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