Why Your Occupation Matters in Death

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We recently celebrated Labor Day – a day set aside to pay tribute to the contributions and achievements of American workers. A person’s chosen occupation and type of industry is important at the time of his or her death, as this information is listed on the deceased’s official death certificate. The government tracks this type of information in an effort to correlate the health of the working population with the amount of risk associated in certain working environments. It also indicates the number of accidents or diseases that can be traced to a person’s occupation or industry.

Over the years, I’ve filled out thousands of death certificates and listed many different types of occupations. I would say the two most common occupations listed are “homemaker” for women and “contractor” for men. The most interesting occupation I’ve ever listed? Professional wrestler. And the one I’ll never forget? Astronaut. Although, I seriously doubted the validity of that one.

Once a person passes away, it is the role of the funeral home to generate the death certificate and deliver it to the physician for signature. Vital statistical information regarding the deceased must be obtained, including occupation and industry. Additional required information includes the person’s legal name, birthdate, birthplace, address, social security number, marital status, parent’s names, education level, race/ethnicity, and information regarding the disposition of the body, including burial, cremation, etc.

The deceased’s doctor signs the death certificate and lists the official cause of death, including the immediate cause of death and any other contributing factors, such as tobacco use. Injury and/or accident information is also listed on a death certificate, if applicable.

Your life’s information is important and deserves to be documented accurately. Please stop by our office to record your vital statistical information in advance. The Cremation Center of Southern Utah is located just off Riverside Drive at 1316 S. 400 E., St. George, UT, (435) 986-9100.  Follow us on Facebook and Instagram @CremationCenterSU.

Submitted by Larry L. Hansen, Owner/Licensed Funeral Director

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